25 years of Photoshop Plugins!

Photoshop plugins are add-on programs aimed at providing additional image effects or performing specific tasks.  Plugins appears inside Photoshop and other image editing programs compatible with the Adobe specifications. They act as an image editor and modify the image.

Photoshop plugins  can be of different types: filter plugins with an .8bf extension, import plugins with an .8ba extension, export plugins with an .8be extension, automation plugins. Filter plug-ins are found in the Filter list of Photoshop or Adobe Elements

In 1991 Adobe first introduces filters and support for third-party Photoshop-compatible plugins in Photoshop 2.0. 

Not far after as we founded HumanSoftwareCo Inc in 1993 we introduced a filter plug-in under the name Squizz. This was way before Photoshop introduced the Liquefy tool. Squizz worked (and still work) with a virtual technique which lets user warp image of any size.

Squizz distorting an image thru a virtual brush

We remain specialist in all kind of advanced warping techniques, SquizzGrids is one of our flagship, it works through a grid  and let you warp and drape any objects, this is 3d simulation but remaining in an easy 2 dimensional space!…

Distorting using a Grid

At HumanSoftware we have been making many many different kind of Photoshop plug-ins, they work on Macintosh or Windows and provide ready made effects or advanced features that make it easy to create new effects, check out www.humansoftware.com/products for a sample.

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